The plate carrier system NTC-DA002
The plate carrier system allows the operator to choose between several configurations, from setup for "low profile" operations up to a full-fledged plate carrier for CQB or Urban Warfare scenarios.
The system is delivered with 2 different cummerbunds, one low vis with a flexible connection and a 3-row Molle belt, also with a flexible connection. The waist belt Low Vis can be connected to the front part with quick release buckles or velcro. The molle cummerbund has a quick release system. Both abdominal straps are connected via a robust elastic cord on the back.
The molle cummerbund allows the user to attach pouches on both sides, as for attaching magazine pouches, utility pouches or ballistic side plates on the outside and inside.
DA002 comes with integrated Mag Panel for the 5.56 magazines. In addition, the NTC DA002 is delivered with a molle front panel to attach extra magazine pouches. The connection of the molle panel is made without plastic or metal connections.
In short: DA002 is an ultralight, flexible and robust plate support system.


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