Plate carrier system NTC-DA001

The plate carrier system NTC-DA001 enables the carrier to choose between several configurations, from a low-vis set-up to full-fledged plate carrier, depending on the mission.
The system is supplied with 2 different cummerbunds, a low vis cummerbund with a flexible connection and a 2-row Molle cummerbund, also with a flexible connection. The Low Vis cummerbund can be connected to the front part with Velcro and the Molle-compatible cummerbund with a quick-release system. Both cummerbunds are connected by a robust elastic cord on the back.
The Molle- Cummerbund allows attaching pouches such as magazine pouches, multi-purpose/ utility pockets or side ballistic pouches on the outside and inside.
The front part and the back part of the carrier can either be equipped with or without a mag panel (Low Vis configuration). The connection is made without any plastic or metal connections.

In short: NTC1 is an ultra-light, flexible and robust plate carrier system.

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